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Visit the brewery Dětenice, taste fine Dětenice beer!
Dětenice is found in the southern part of the District of Jičín and the south-eastern part of Bohemian Paradise.

The first reference to the brewing of beer in Dětenice dates back to the year 1307 under the rule of Beneš of Dětenice and Valdštejn. Legend speaks of the rapacious knight Arthur, who came to the Czech lands from somewhere in the north and who took villages in the surroundings of Stará Boleslav along with his rabble.


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On every full moon, Arthur would choose the most beautiful virgin, who would then have to brew the miraculous beer of love for him according to his secret recipe. Is this true or not? Who knows? Perhaps only the walls of the old cellar or the walls of the Dětenice chateau could confirm or refute whether this story is true. Come to visit the brewery so you could hear the full story of Artur´s legend.

For centuries the Dětenice chateau beer was a jewel in the crown of Bohemian beers. Unfortunately, this was before the year 1948 and the dark times for Czech brewing. The breweries were nationalised and many of them closed altogether, a fate which awaited the Dětenice brewery in 1955.
From this time onwards the brewery was left to decay and was abandoned until the year 2000, when it was bought over by new owners. These new owners reintroduced the tradition production of beer according to the ancient and miraculous recipe of the rapacious knight Arthur, returning the brewery to its original state in the process.


During the brewery tour you will visit the period interiors of the malt house, the cask factory, the brewhouse, the hop garden, the lager cellars, the fermenting cellar, the ice-house and historic cellars with a Medieval tavern.

Now you can admire the wonderful historic cellars, including the commemorative Old Cellar with its Baroque vaulting that was re-added. This is now home to a Medieval tavern. You can witness the production of the fairytale beer of love with your own eyes, just as it was done in days gone by. Thanks to this, a unique historic method of beer-making in the modern age, you too can taste the beer that our forefathers drank.

Welcome on an excursion of Dětenice brewery!

Taste with us the excellent Dětenice beer!

The duration of the brewery excursion is cca 30 minutes. Basic tours are held in German, English and Czech language. In case of your interest in another foreing language we can arrange for you private guide in language you will choose.

The brewery tour can be joined with excursion of Dětenice Chateau.

In case of your interest we will arrange transport to the brewery  by luxury car of your choice, by minibus or by bus according to your request.

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