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Easters in Prague - Monday April 9 th 2007

Do you wish to learn about long past folk-customs of Czech Republic?

Experience genuine Easters in Prague!

Easter is the time of springtime festivals, a time to welcome back the Tulips, the Crocuses and the Daffodils. Its a time of new suits, new dresses and patent leather shoes. A time for Christians to celebrate the life and resurrection of Christ. And a time of chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chicks, and colored eggs



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This year Easter will be celebrated on Sunday April 8th and Monday April 9th

Traditional whip – Easter carrolling – takes place on Easter Monday. Boys and men walk around the houses where the girls and women live. The boys and men beat girls and women with green twisted rods which mean to get back to be young. The girls and women give them versified desires, painted eggs, but on the other hand they spill water on them.

Like many of our other religious holidays, Easter began as a pagan festival. It was an ancient Anglo-Saxon celebration in honor of their goddess of offspring and spring, Eastre (as you can see, the name has been kept, only changed slightly).
After the second-century missionaries to the Anglo-Saxons had converted some of the people, they knew that it would be suicide for those people to worship openly, so they very cleverly combined the Christian holiday with a festival that already existed. The festival for Eastre was celebrated at the same time as the remembrance of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, so they made it into a Christian celebration.
Another celebration associated with Easter is the Jewish Passover or Pesach (the term PASCHAL means "of Easter" and is the root word for Easter in many other languages).

"Prior to A.D. 325, Easter was variously celebrated on different days of the week, including Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. In that year, the Council of Nicaea was convened by emperor Constantine. It issued the Easter Rule which states that Easter shall be celebrated on the first Sunday that occurs after the first full moon on or after the vernal equinox, or first day of spring. Therefore, Easter must be celebrated on a Sunday between the dates of March 22 and April 25. Its date is tied to the lunar cycle."

We had prepared for you wide offer of accommodation in Prague.
If you book with us 3 night´s stay during this period in any of the hotels listed below a surprise consisting from set of luxury Czech chocolates and Easter egg will be awaiting you on your arrival.
  Pyramida Hotel

Pyramida Hotel Prague
is located in the vicinity of the Hradcany and Strahov, short walking distance from the Prague Castle, Loretta, Strahov Abbey and Lesser Town. Each room has its own shower, toilet, telephone and TV set + SAT TV, direct phone line. Suites are equipped with bathroom - bathtub, toilet. .

Henrietta Hotel

Hotel Henrietta is located 10 minutes from the historical centre in a tranquil area of Prague. The connection to the city centre is very easy and fast by underground, the underground stop is just few metres from the hotel. The hotel offers one of the best ranges of services, which include: exchange office, gift shop, underground garage, safe deposit boxes, restaurant.

Legie Hotel

The Legie Hotel is a three-star hotel situated in the city centre, 400 m from Wenceslas Square. In every room there are a safety box, a shower (or bath), WC, telephone and cable TV. Breakfast is served as a buffet in the hotel's restaurant for 80 persons.

Balkan hotel

The family hotel Balkán is situated in a historical building near the center of Prague. Lokation: on foot 300 meters in the direction to the river Vltava -Palacky bridge.

Chodská hotel

Quiet location in the heart of Královské Vinohrady district.Excellent access to Old town both on foot and by public transport. Safe parking for your car
More hotels .....Praha, Holiday Inn Hotel Liberty, Don Giovanni, Andel´s,
Hotel Abri, St. George

SYMBOLS OF EASTER - Easter has many symbols associated with it. Some predate the Christian era.

easter young lamb * symbol of crucifix * easter fire * easter candle * easter ovum * easter hare * easter egg

EGGS - eggs have been used as symbols of fertility or rebirth long before Christian times. They were decorated and used as gifts to sweethearts, servants or children. They were also used in games.

CROSS - "The Cross is the symbol of the Crucifixion, as opposed to the Resurrection. However, at the Council of Nicaea, in A.D. 325, Constantine decreed that the Cross was the official symbol of Christianity"

PASCHAL CANDLE - "The Paschal candle represents Christ's person, and its flame symbolizes His Resurrection as 'the light of the world.' " The candle is set in a large holder near the altar and is lit during the Easter vigil service on Saturday night (from this candle, all the other candles in the church are lit). "In early times most members of the congregation carried fire from the Paschal candle to their homes, to relight their hearths and lamps." This ritual dates back to about the 4th century A.D.

EASTER BUNNY - the hare was the earthly symbol used for the goddess Eastre and represents fertility, new life and the moon. It may have become a symbol for Easter because it is tied to the lunar cycle.

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