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Napoleonic day - 14.8.2010 - Slavkov - Austerlitz


On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Emperor Napoleon of the day 14.8.2010, Napoleonic day and Imperial summer night is annually taking place in Slavkov (Austerlitz). 

This term is settled by the date of birth of the Emperor Napoleon 15. 8. 1769.
The tradition of Napoleonic days  has been established in Slavkov already in the thirties of 20th century and in the nineties has been renewed.



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Festivities are running through whole weekend.

Program of the August weekend includes:
* field encampment and drill of the soldiers who will be wearing uniforms from the period of Napoleonic wars
* fighters struggles and exhibitions of  military strategy
* in the chateau - costume excursions with Napoleon
Most fancied is Friday´s Country evening.
On Saturday historical market will be open in the chateau park where the visitors can buy traditional craft products
and small objects of art or they can see marionette theatre performance. Soldiers will introduce themselves in historical uniforms and the people that are interested in history will be surely pleased by costumed excursions of the chateau expositions. The program traditionally includes international tournament in game called pétanque.
The Napoleons birth anniversary is closed by Imperial summer night with dance party in the park. 

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