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Visit Plzeňský Prazdroj !
Plzeňský Prazdroj, a.s., is the most important company in its branch in the
Czech Republic.

Over 160 years the brewery produce unique beer called Pilsner Urquell, this
beer became the symbol of Czech art how to brew fine beer.


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During the brewery tour and the tour of brewery museum you can choose from several areas that
are designated for specialists. According to your interest and time possibilities you can visit these places:

Brewery museum which is situated in real medieval house in the centre of Plzen. The house is an architectonic sight of world importance. During the museum tour you will hear the story of beer brewing from the ancient beginning till the foundation of big industrial breweries. You will become acquinted with
traditional czech crafts, you can view tanks for beer and beer curiosities. The excursion continues in the brewery and part of the excursion is also beer tasting.

Brewery. As a part of the brewery tour you will visit also modern Visitors
centre with cinema hall and galery, you will also see 3D model of the brewery from the end of 19th century.

You will see a short film about the history of Plzensky Prazdroj a.s. company
(cca 10 minutes). Furthermore you will visit the brewhouse, ancient brewery cellars, you will taste beer draught directly from storage tanks.

During the excursions which is designated for specialists you will also see bottle factory - one of state-of-the-art automated production line in the Middle Europe with the capacity of 50 000 bottles per 1 hour.
Write to us your request and we will arrange everything for you according to your wishes plzen@jomys.com
We will take you to the brewery by luxury car of your choice, by minibus or by bus according to your request.

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