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pravekDo you want to experience something remarkable?

Are you bored by visiting usual restaurants?

Then its time for something special.
Come and try something absolutely amazing, completely remarkable and unique experience!

Be welcomed in the entertainment restaurant "Stone Age" where you will have a supper with a band of primeval people.


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For a few hours you have become part of a primeval settlement many thousand years ago. Please, realize that you are visitors in another age and we recommend that you establish friendly realations with the shaman and the hunters! And be sure to be on good terms with the native wild women or you might be sorry later ... Just imagine: one shaman´s successful piece of magic and you´ve had it ! We shall acquaint you with what is now in store for you. We shall let you know what is going to happen and what the natives eat and what you yourselves are probably giong to taste and eat (provided the hunters are able to hunt it down, the collectors collect it and the shepherds are able to guard it from wild predators). You will have to eat with your hands and drink from stone bowls like animals. Forget spoons, knives, forks and glasses!
Here, everything is different. Completely!

The evening program: The whole evening represents the story of one group from a primeval village. You will witness the sacrifice of virgins to native gods, ritual ceremonies with drumming, painting and medieval harassment. You will see native dances, duelling natives, preserving and stealing the primeval fire.

Beware! The natives will certainly not pamper you; be prepared!

The price of the program including rich dinner is 25 EUR per person.
Book your places already today!

We will arrange for you accommodation in Prague, guided services, transfers and entrance to this exhibition, etc. - write to us on pravek@accomodation.cz

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