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Visit the Brewery Strahov located in the city of Prague

The Strahov Monastic Brewery is located near the Prague Castle in the
building of the Strahov Monastery and it was founded in 1140 by king
Vladislav II. The first mentions of the brewery date back to the turn of the 13th and 14th century. The decision on the construction of a new fully functional brewery in the place of today's restaurant was made by Abbot Kaspar Questenberg in 1628. In 1907 the brewery was closed and the buildings were used as farm houses. The brewery was renewed only three years ago during an extensive and difficult reconstruction of the whole complex.


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The brewery offers:
* Pleasant seating by quality house beer - this brewery produce St. Norbert beer (dark and amber).
* The interior is stylish with capacity of 50 seats.
* Excursions and beer tasting, meetings with ale brewer, evenings with live music.

The brewery excursions are possible only if you make previous booking. Groups can consist of cca 10 persons. If there is more people the group will be parted into two parts, one of the groups makes the excursion and the second one tastes beer, than the groups swaps.
Since it is just a small brewery the excursion including the beer tasting
takes cca 15-20 minutes. Commentary is possible in English, German and also in Czech language. In case that you require another language we will arrange for you private guide.

Welcome on excursion to Strahov brewery!

Taste with us delicious beer St. Norbert!

Write to us your request and we will arrange everything for you - strahov@jomys.com

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