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Museum of  public transport in Prague

Are you interested in the history of urban mass transportation?

Do you wish to visit interesting and unique museum?

Then visit Prague and accept out invitation for a tour of Museum of urban mass transportation in Prague.



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In the tram depot in Prague - Střešovice is situated sole collection of relics from the history of  public transport in Prague. To the public there are presented more than forty historical vehicles and many other exhibits - models, photographs, historical documents, tickets and plans.


What you will find in the  Prague Public Transport Museum ?

 Base of the collection of historical vehicles of public transportation in Prague has been laid in 1929 when a former vehicle of Prague´s  former horse  tram  car  from the year 1886 has been detached for the museum purpose. 

Prague Public Transport Company started to be extended particularly in the first half of the 1960s in connection with a massive renewal of the rolling stock of Prague trams which culminated in 1974 on the opening day of Metro service. Historical vehicles designed to be preserved for the purposes of a corporate museum were initially collected at tram depot in Pankrác and in 1971 the entire collection was moved to Vokovice depot. On occasional "Open House Days" organized at the depot the collection of historical trams was open to public. However, preparation of a permanent museum which would provide comprehensive information about the history of public transport on the territory of the City of Prague lasted many years.


At that time exhibits included also other public transport means - trolleybuses which finished their historical role in Prague in 1972.

Vokovice depot was not considered an appropriate place to house the collection and the smallest Prague depot at Střešovice was chosen as a permanent seat of the collection.

The scope of collection has been considerably extended in the course of time. In 1998, when it was recognized as a cultural heritage it included 50 vehicles plus 34 other exhibits. The core of the collection is made up of 41 rail vehicles - of which 16 passenger motor tram cars, 1 summer horse tram car, 12 passenger trailers, 1 metro car and 11 freight and special-purpose cars. The collection includes also 3 trolleybuses, 5 buses and 1 trolley tower. New three-dimensional exhibits have been gradually added but all cannot be displayed since some of them have to repaired or are still waiting for modification into a museum exhibit. Trams are coupled to illustrate certain operational period. Trams include real unique objects - in addition to the above mentioned horse tram car from 1886, at the centre of attention are e.g. saloon motor car from 1900, open sightseeing motor car from 1913; mobile rail converting substation from 1930 also attracts also wide attention. Representatives of the modern era - large-sized four-axle trams of the type T also have its place in the museum.

Bus transport is represented by so-far three displayed buses from the 1970s and 1980s. The closed trolleybus era is represented by a trolleybus Škoda 8 Tr from 1959 and perhaps the most typical Prague trolleybus Tatra T 400 from 1954 is being repaired. The youngest of the exhibits - trolleybus Praga TOT no. 303 which opened trolley bus services in Prague in 1936 is waiting for repair. Collection of exhibits includes also a metro car of the first series delivered to the Prague Metro. The collection is includes not only old vehicles. Visitors can see 5 tram controllers, 6 stop posts, 2 dummies in period outfit.

A permanent exhibition on the history of Prague public transport is an integral part of the exhibition.Visitors can see unique photographs, copies of historical documents, plans, tickets as well as video programmes offering unique film materials from collections of the National Film Archives. Museum of the Cit of Prague has lent a collection of models of other historical public transport vehicles that have not survived to these days. ČKD Tatra Co. Inc. exhibits a model of R1 light-rail vehicle prepared for the Prague Metro at the beginning of the 1970s. The tour of the museum can be joined per order with the ride by historical tram. You  will find more information about this unconventional  sightseeing tour of Prague  on  http://www.accommodation.cz/sur/cztram.html .

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