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Are you coming to Prague with your children or do you also like to see something from Prague that has nothing to do with historical sights?

Then come to visit Prague´s great attraction - Prague ZOO.

After the devastating floods in August 2002 when the zoo has been very destroyed and lost many animals complete renewal started and now in 2007 the zoo is at the top of the visit rate.
This year (2007) the zoo has celebrated in September its 76th opening anniversary and already in the beginning of November 2007 the record in the visit rate has been broken by 1 215 000 visitors that came to visit the zoo.


Nowadays you can find in Prague zoo approximately 4800 animals and cca 650 kinds of animals.

What attractions you can find in the zoo?

- Children´s area: it is a place where the children can play, there are many wooden attractions and also paddling pool.

- Children´s zoo: next to the children´s area you can find the children´s zoo with farm animals. The children can step among some of them and can also play with them.

- When you get hungry you can eat in the zoo´s restaurant Archa or in some of the refreshment stalls that are place all over the zoo.

- During the day you can also see some of these attractions: feeding of pelicans, penguins, otters, training of elephants and seals, representation of gorillas and giraffes any many other attractions.

- And once you are in the zoo you can also visit the education centre that is placed near the main entrance.

- If you are tired and do not like to walk from the bottom to the top of the zoo you can use the cableway. The cableway runs from April to October and it joins the bottom and the top part of the zoo. The camber of its way is 51 metres.

- Especially for your children there are also prepared small trains on wheels that can take you and your children for a tour of the zoo.

Most famous animals of Prague zoo:

*** Nowaydays most frequented place in the zoo is the gorillas pavilion where you can find the male Richard and his group of several female gorillas and cubs. The youngest one is the cub Tatu who has been born in May 2007, it is a cub of female gorilla Kijivu. Three years ago Kijivu has given a birth to the first gorilla cub born in the Czech Republic called Moja.

***Another great attraction of Prague zoo is the African house where the giraffes live. In 2007 three new giraffes has been born, last two has been born in August 2007 - the 57th and 58th cub that has been born in this zoo. At present the zoo breed 16 Rothschild´s giraffes including 7 young ones.

***When you are in the zoo you can´t forbear to visit the the pavilion of big mammals where you can see 3 Indian elephants, two females (Gulab and Shanti) and one male (Nagathan). During summer you can see every day at 14:45 the training or the bathing of the elephants.

***Other very interesting exposiotions: Indonesian jungle, Africa closely, pavilion of big cats, bird aviary and many others.

The Prague zoo has also one great advantage - when you are coming with your dog to Prague you can also take him to the zoo since dogs are allowed to enter the zoo. They are just not allowed to the pavilions and to the children´s fields.

Do you think it might be nice to see the Prague zoo? Then do not forget to include the visit of the zoo in your Prague stay and spend a leisure time with your family among the Prague zoo animals.



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