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144th anniversary of battle near Hradec Králové  

Do you love historical events? Visit with us place where the battle of Hradec Králové took place in 1866. In case that you can´t visit this place at the time of main celebrations you should not be sorry. From 1st of April till the end of October you can visit the memorial of this battle at any time, during winter you can visit this place only after previous booking.



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On 3rd July 1866 Austrian and Prussian troops had clashed nearby Hradec Králové in crucial battle about leading position in german countries. Austria  by this crushing defeat ascended the leadership to prussian  kingdom which had ascended the path of "iron and blood" toward empire... During the period 2th July 2010 - 4nd July 2010 we will recall the 141th anniversary of this bloody battle in which had participated almost half a million soldiers. In this battle has been killed, crippled and missed almost 50 000 soldiers. Piety memorial campaigns under the auspices of the president of Czech Republic Václav Klaus will be held in Hradec Králové and on the battlefield Chlum in the place of crucial battles. These campaigns will be culminated on 2nd July by big battle demonstration which illustrates the reconstruction of real events - arrival of vanguard of prussian guards at the front with General Hiller von Gartringen. In this battle scene will take part about 600 uniformed soldiers which of these will be 200 soldiers from foreing countries, historical cannons and divisions of horsemen. In the valley of Chlum on authentic battle places will be constructed replicas of period buildings which will be during the battled destroyed by plentiful pyrotechnic efects.
Do you want to participate as visitors and onlookers?

We will arrange for you transport, accommodation and entrance to this grand action - write to us on sadova@jomys.com
Do you wish to participate in direct battle campaign?

Only duly registrated clubs can participate. Require more information from us.

Write to us your wishes and we will arrange everything for you  sadova@jomys.com
We will take you to the brewery by luxury car of your choice, by minibus or by bus according to your request.

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