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205 th battle anniversary - memorial services -term: 3.12. - 5. 12. 2010


Do you love historical events?

Visit with us place where the battle of Austerlitz - Slavkov took place. In case that you can´t visit this place at the time of main celebrations you should not be sorry. From 1st of April till the end of October you can visit the memorial of this battle at any time, during winter you can visit this place only after previous booking.



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205 battle anniversary - memorial services - term: 3.12. - 5.12.2010

In the region of Austerlitz´s battlefield memorial services in honour of three-emperors-battle are held annually around 2nd December. Several-day program begins by propagation parades of soldiers wearing uniforms from the year 1805.

Colouring of historical uniforms accompanies whole course of events from pious acts on several memorable places pass reconstruction of battle under Santon near Tvarožná village up to ceremonial procession through Austerlitz (Slavkov).

In Austerlitz the program will begin on Friday by concert in the Historical hall, on Saturday craft´s market with supporting program takes place and the chateau offers costumed excursions with Napoleon. End of the Austerlitz´s program consists of evening parade of soldiers in historical costumes and fire-works.


On 2nd December 1805 one of the most important events in European history of 19th century and herewith one of the most renowned Napoleonic wars had taken place on the uphills and in the valleys east of Brno - Battle of Slavkov.

Both by embattled forces about 160 000 militants and by number of dead and injured the Austerlitz massacre came to be also the most bloody and the biggest encounter of Napoleonic wars until the battle of Borodin and then the battle of Lipsko.

Within Czech countries the battle of Austerlitz ranked this sad first place much longer - at least till the battle of Hradec Kralove in 1866. The battle of Austerlitz went down in history and for the whole France became at once a symbol of blinding triumph. For the god-forsaken, wasted and burned out Moravia however this year´s winter had been a winter of starvation, fear and epidemic. The name of this small moravian town however sounds up to this day in the name of one of the Parisian bridges and close embankment. Parisians know also the Austerlitz´s train station, the victory of the French army in the battle of Austerlitz proclaim the notice on the wall of Arch of triumph and twelfe goddesses of victory who are watching Napoleon´s sarcophagus.

Permanent reminder of this battle is a column on the Parisian square Place Vendôme which is molten from cannons which has been seized by French troops from the fields between Brno and Slavkov (Austerlitz).
But is is not possible to forget one thing: battle of Austerlitz has been really one of the biggest victories of the Emperor Napoleon I. Even he was weaker in number of soldiers he was able to defeat Austrian emperor and
Russian czar. Masterful tactic and strategy which he used is learned up to this day in all service schools.

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